Elite Commodity Express

Taking the nuisance out of transportation in every lane!

We are your most trusted motor carrier in the transportation business!

Elite Commodity Express is a premier transportation company specializing in the efficient and reliable delivery of fresh beef to the East Coast and Southeast regions of the United States. As a trusted partner to some of the largest beef plants in the nation, we prioritize timely and safe transport to ensure the highest quality products reach our clients. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on customer satisfaction, Elite Commodity Express is the go-to choice for businesses seeking superior logistics solutions in the refrigeration industry.

Leading Motor Carrier Embracing TMS, EDI, and 214 Delivery Status Updates

Trucking Services

Elite Commodity Express is a specialized refrigeration transportation company in North America. ECE offers comprehensive, best-in-class services to many of the world’s most respected industrial shippers through experienced people.

Specialty Services

Ted Johnson, CEO & Founder, is knowledgeable and has been tested with some of the most challenging loads in the transportation industry. ECE’s scale of experience, national freight network, and one of the most modern and efficient transportation companies in North America has been built to meet our customer’s unique needs.

Complex Logistics

Complicated logistics are our specialty. All you have to do is let us know what your shipping goals are, and we will work out the most efficient way to get your cargo where it needs to be. Questions? We are happy to give you a detailed report on where everything will be along the way.


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